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Do Women Suffer from Temporary Hair Loss?

At HAIR 360°  we recognize that there are many life changing events that women go through that can have a huge impact on the way our hair looks. We may experience increased hair shedding and hair thinning that is caused by a disturbance to the hair cycle.

This can be severally traumatic and shocking but don’t freak out because often times this type of hair loss is temporary – not permanent! 

Life can be hectic and we don’t always  have the time to get all of the nutrition we need from diet alone. Hair requires key nutrients including protein, B-vitamins and zinc to grow. A shortage of these nutrients may affect the quality and quantity of a person’s hair according to Medical News Today. 

In addition we face multiple environmental factors daily that have the potential to deplete our body quickly of the nutrients we store.

Pollution, stress, hair color, chlorine, heat from styling and chemical buildup from products we use to style our hair can all wreak havoc on the health of our hair.

Combine all of those with some of the life changing events that effect our hair such as childbirth, breastfeeding, thyroid issues and menopause just to name a few can leave us with limp, dry, brittle hair that requires more and more heat styling and product just to look semi-normal. This can become very frustrating however taking a holistic approach to hair care can yield fabulous results. Feeding your hair the nutrients it requires for natural growth may help combat temporary hair loss. 

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