HAIR360 proprietary formulas contain the most technically advanced ingredients available on the market.

Dermatologically Engineered. Ingredients Clinically Proven to Stimulate Hair Growth.

Hair 360º delivers maximum hair growth Our hair care line targets the root causes of damaged hair by delivering the highest quality, potent, essential nutrients for healthy hair growth from the inside out and outside in.

Dr. Karaca continually researches, sources and combines new actives. Our formulas are seamlessly updated with each innovation.

Results show that our key growth-promoting ingredients (see tabs below for full list) and natural botanical extracts have a significant impact on the hair cycles of men and women experiencing hair thinning and loss.


HAIR 360º’s Advanced Hair Care System was created by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Nezih Karaca. HAIR building vitamins, nutrients, minerals, peptides, botanical extracts and amino acids work synergistically to fortify your hair. Whatever your individual hair care needs – HAIR 360° provides your solution and will leave you with thicker, fuller, stronger looking hair.