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Take Control of Hair Loss

Everyone has a HAIR STORY. What’s Yours?

Let’s face it HAIR damage happens and can leave your hair dry, frizzy, unruly, patchy, limp, thin, and lifeless. Don’t sit back and wait for hair damage to lead to hair loss. Take control of your hair now with HAIR 360º and boost healthy hair growth. 

HAIR 360º gives you the power to define your HAIR destiny.GREAT hair, the way YOU want it every single time.

The never-ending products to fix the problem. They NEVER work. Ever. It’s a constant battle. Slap some oily serum on to smooth down those fly-aways and Voila! The last hour and a half you just spent blow-drying and flat ironing would have been better spent watching daytime television because you now look like you dumped a bowl of salad dressing right on top of your head.

Or conversely, you start out with oily hair and use the old dry shampoo trick or start with the products for oily hair. You have your fingers crossed that they will help because you are sick of looking like you don’t wash your hair.  You wash more and more frequently yet the oily hair gets worse. Phew! The products for oily hair will fix the problem!! But they don’t. Now you look like a brillo pad, dry, frizzy, mangled mess who stuck their finger in an electric socket. Feast or famine. Oily or dry.

Or the time you looked in the mirror and noticed that your hairline is starting to look a little sparse. Kind of patchy. Hmmm. Am I thinning? Not sure but I’ll start with the volumizing products just in case. Mousse and a little volumizing hair spray and I’ll be fine. Oh yeah! Here we go! Nobody will notice – I’ll make my hair so high and style it up instead of combing down. And then the reality when you look in the mirror and see something resembling a bird’s nest. 

STOP the problem NOW! HAIR 360ºis about feeding your hair what it needs to perform the way you want it.

Dermatologist, Dr. Nezih Karaca developed Hair 360º to provide users with a way to take control of their hair destiny by providing one simple, easy-to-use hair care system that covers all hair care needs.  Three products – shampoo, booster spray, and dietary supplement support healthy hair growth. Simply, effectively, beautifully. 


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